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Welcome to the Research Student FAQ!

This wiki is a place where new and existing research students can come to find out about life at the School of Computer Science, and more importantly, you can edit it! As Wikipedia puts it, be bold.

Note that this is a repository for information not found elsewhere — for example, supportWeb have documentation for most of the IT systems and procedures in the school, and the introduction for new PhDs covers most of the mechanics of being a PhD student in the school.

Here are links to the various pages available within this wiki. If you add a new page, please also add a link to it here:

Practical things

Area Links
Finding your feet Start-of-year social // Cookie Breaks // Mentoring Scheme // Advice for new PhD students
SoCS Building Building overview // Milk deliveries // Kitchen etiquette
School IT Mailing lists // Email setup // Creating a web page // Using the school's Linux systems
LaTeX and LyX Getting started with LaTeX // Using Lyx // Kile // Other LaTeX Editors // Rob & Greg's thesis class
Demonstrating and money matters Demonstrating // how to claim for payment (do this early!) // Council Tax // Discussing teaching workload // Funding // Marking Tips
Chemistry West Moving to Chemistry West
Your Research Academic Practice and Organisational Development Courses // Types of absence // Doctoral Training Grant reference numbers // Submitting a thesis

Support for students

Area Links
Conferences and other events Business Cards // Preparing and printing posters // Conference and Travel Awards Form
Consultative Committee Staff/Research Student Consultative Committee

How the Wiki Works

The idea is that if there's something you know about (say, how to apply to demonstrate on a course, or how to claim for payment), you make a page, and put what you like (within reason) in it. Other people are free to change what you've written and you have no copyright of it - bear that in mind!

You might want to read a brief introduction to wiki editing to get a feel for what you're doing before starting.

Editing the Wiki

Anyone is free to edit the contents of the Wiki, as long as you are a research student or staff member. Here are some links that might help you:

Please don't duplicate information that is found elsewhere -- lots of useful information can be found in:

Random tips & tricks

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