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Research students are normally expected to work during their registration period; that is: not to have breaks from their work for more than a few days. That said, there are at least two ways of not working for a while.

The university wants to register absences for a number of reasons.

  1. . To monitor students' due diligence.
  2. . For international students, that is, non-EU students, the university is responsible towards the government (border agency) to check that students are indeed studying and not "lost".

Obviously, if you want to be absent for a while, first discuss this with your supervisor to agree on suitable dates and to agree that this does not hamper your progress. S/he may also know the right procedures already, which makes it easier.

If you find more information, please add to this page. The information on this page is not authoritative, but can be a starting point to finding the right procedure.

Authorised absence

During "authorised absence", you stay a student but are absent from university. This is a non-exhaustive list of example reasons:

  • to travel home unexpectedly, for example having had a close personal bereavement
  • to leave the UK to carry out fieldwork
  • to attend a conference
  • to complete your dissertation/thesis in your home country
  • holiday

As mentioned above, first discuss this with your supervisor(s). If they are okay with it, fill in an request for authorised absence form have your supervisor sign it, and submit the request to the research student administrator (Patrycja/Kiren), at least 10 working days before you plan to travel. They will notify you whether the request is accepted.

If you are in the UK on a visa, you will need to attach a copy of your passport and visa to this request.

More information is available on the back side of the form.

Leave of absence

When you cannot work for a while and want to suspend your student status, a "leave of absence" might be for you.


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