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The main CS website has a page on the process of thesis submission which tells you everything you want to know. Mostly. In several different places. In a confusing order. The main link is here: Submitting a thesis. If you read through that page and the multitude of pages it links to as well as the few .PDF files and other guideline pages that is all linked to directly or indirectly through that page then you can start to piece together the submission process.

The above link does have some useful information on sorting out examiners for your viva and should be followed.

It's not particularly hard, it just looks overly complex since the authors of the university guidelines and the FAQ above seem to have collected their information over a period of...years and put it together piecemeal. So here, we present the ordered list of steps to actually hand in a thesis.

Steps to Submission

  1. First you should print and hand in your notice to submit to student services in the Aston Webb building AT LEAST 3 months before you intend to submit. This starts the examiner nomination process. For some reason you do not get e-mail confirmation of this form being processed. However, in about 2 weeks or so your supervisor will get an e-mail for examiner notification.
  2. Electronically submit your thesis to TurnItIn for plagiarism checking. Your supervisor should be able to tell you how to do this.
  3. Check your thesis formatting. The University formatting guidelines are your instructions on the minutiae detail of thesis construction, everything from how to number footnotes to the weight of paper you should use are in here.
  4. Print TWO complete copies of your thesis. New for 2009: You CAN double side your thesis. Save a tree and feel wonderful about yourself.
  5. Download and print ONE copy of this form: Author Declaration Form. Fill this in.
  6. Take the copies of your thesis and the above form to the University bindery and pay for two SOFT BOUND copies of your thesis. Note: as of 2/11/09 the University bindery is being moved off-site and only the front office will remain on campus. Soft-binding may still be done quickly. Currently, soft binding takes about 30 minutes and is guaranteed to be returned to you the same day provided you get to the bindery.
  7. Marvel at the first complete bound version of your work. Well done. Have a banana.
  8. Download this form: Abstract and Access form. FILL THIS IN ELECTRONICALLY Unless you really want to copy your abstract (MAX. 200 words) out by hand twice.
  9. Print TWO copies of the above form.
  10. Download and print ONE copy of the following: Word length declaration. Fill it in.
  11. Now take your bound theses, and the one word length declaration and the two abstract and access forms to student services in the Aston Webb (Go in through main doors then turn right).
  12. Submit your thesis (woooo, yehhhh).
  13. Ask for a receipt if they don't give you one.

That's it. You're done for the moment. Now go celebrate.

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