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The SRSCC is comprised of several staff members and research students from within the school. The committee meets once a term to discuss issues affecting research students and to provide feedback and suggestions to the school. If you feel things could be improved upon, or would like to let the school know that a current system works well, then please contact your SRSCC representative!

Representatives are elected each year, so if you would like to be involved then look out for emails about elections in the autumn term.

Current committee membership (2011-2012)

  • Head of School: Jon Rowe
  • Research Students Tutor (Vice-chair): Steve Vickers
  • One Computer Officer, nominated by the Director of Computing Facilities: Mark Robbins
  • Year 1 research student representative: Jay Young
  • Year 2 research student representative (Chair): Catherine Harris
  • Year 3 research student representative: Mark Rowan
  • Research student representative for all other years:
  • International students representative: Loretta Ilaria Mancini
  • MRes Natural Computation student representative on SSCC:
  • Research student representative on Research Committee:
  • Research student representative on Computing Facilities User Forum:
  • Co-opted members:
  • Secretary: Patrycja Sliwa
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