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[I'm not sure what should go on this page, so for the moment it's about the SoCS building --zas]



Your key will open

  • All PhD offices
  • All meeting rooms
  • All resource rooms

It won't open the SoCS front office door, any staff rooms, or room G2 in Chemistry West. It will open the PhD room (G5) in Chem West, but the kitchenette is in G2 so you may want to get a new key if and when you move there.


You should have a pigeon hole (shared with the other students in your office) in the SoCS front office. Any snail mail for you, internal or external, will be delivered there. If the receptionist is absent for several days, you should ask the back office staff in UG45 to let you in to the front office so you can collect your post.

Resource Rooms

There are two resource rooms on the first floor, and two on the second floor. These contain printers for common use and stationery supplies that you can use. supportWeb details the IT equipment in each resource room at


The school library is available out-of-hours, for staff and research students only. From an email from Ceinwen Cushway, 4/12/2008:

If you wish to work in the library close the door behind you even when inside so that other students or strangers cannot enter. Please remember to close the door even if you are only photocopying etc for a few minutes. Do not let others (except staff and PhD students) into the library at these times.

To enter the library you should use your ID card to swipe in. When you leave simply and firmly pull the door shut - you do not need to use a key - but make sure it is properly closed and therefore locked.

Meeting Rooms

The Computer Science building has four small rooms on the second floor that can be booked for thesis group meetings, small group tutorials, etc. with different facilities available:

  • 217: space for around 15 people (facilities: wall-mounted whiteboards, PC with electronic whiteboard/projector, 2 projector screens)
  • 245: space for around 15 people (facilities: wall-mounted whiteboards, projector, 1 projector screen)
  • 222: space for around 12 people (facilities: wall-mounted whiteboards)
  • 225: space for around 10 people (facilities: wall-mounted whiteboard, free-standing flipchart board)

You can book any of these meeting rooms using the online meeting room booking system.

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