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Rob Foster and Greg Reynolds from the Department of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering have created a LaTeX class file designed to satisfy the requirements for theses at Birmingham.

Their eethesis.cls is slightly biased towards the EECE department, as it assumes you will specify both a department and a school on the title page. To address this, you have two options:

  • Promote the department to mean school, and include our college as the school. So at the start of your LaTeX document, you'd have:
\department{School of Computer Science}
\school{College of Engineering and Physical Sciences}
  • Comment out all lines containing @department in eethesis.cls

The Maths Postgrad Society's LaTeX thesis class

Tin Lok Wong produced a LaTeX thesis class file bhamthesis for the Maths Postgrad Society. The most recent version is available here (an older version is also available). Ben Smyth is currently refining the file to overcome minor bugs, in particular those encountered when producing a double-sided thesis. The most recent revision is available on the School's file system:


Compiling your thesis

A thesis is typically the longest document you will ever write, accordingly it takes far longer to compile. However, the following tips will save you time. Define the file head.tex:

\documentclass[twoside,openright]{bhamthesis} \usepackage{amsthm} \usepackage{amssymb} \begin{document}

and similarly tail.tex:

\backmatter \bibliographystyle{alpha} \bibliography{thesis} \end{document}

Now define your thesis.tex file:

\input{head} \newcommand{\build}{} \title{Formal verification of cryptographic protocols with automated reasoning} \author{Ben Smyth} \date{\today} \prefixappendix \frontmatter \maketitle \include{chapter1} ... \input{tail}

Observe that the file contains \newcommand{\build}{}, this line is crucial. You can now define each chapter1.tex in the following way:

\ifdefined\build\else\input{head}\fi \chapter{...} ... \ifdefined\build\else\input{tail}\fi

You can now compile your whole thesis by running pdflatex thesis or individual chapters using pdlatex chapter1.tex.

An alternative approach is used by Gavin Brown:

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