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There is an mentoring scheme in place but it really depends on a mentor being assigned- this doesn't always happen! So if a new research student turns up at a desk in your office, you (or someone else in your office) should become their mentor.

Some of the things you can do as a mentor:

  • Talk to them!
  • Find out if they are in the process of getting a computer account- if not direct them to the support office
  • Be ready to answer questions they may have about life in The School/This Uni/Birmingham/UK/The World
  • Introduce them to the rest of us (address here - CC them so we can give a typical CS welcome (via email))
  • Send them a link to this wiki!
  • Add anything else you can think of to this list - no made up Ph.D. student initiations, unless documented here :)

Mentor Assignment

Currently Chris Staite is responsible for assigning a mentor to new PhD students. If you've just started and don't know who your mentor is, please get in touch with Chris!

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