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If you do demonstrating work (outside any TA obligations you might have), you will probably have to claim for payment through WorkLink. Here is a sketch of the procedure:

  • You need an NI number, sometimes also called "NINo". UK citizens automatically get this when they're 18; others must apply for an NI number. This procedure takes a couple of weeks, so do this now.
  • Sign up on the WorkLink website. Do not reuse a password from anywhere else, because WorkLink employees can see your password.
  • WorkLink suffers from scope creep, and also wants to independently offer you such exciting jobs as Customer Service Assistant and whiteboard cleaner and furniture reorganiser Teaching Facilities Assistant. There are stringent requirements for these jobs, such as you have to be a nice person have excellent inter-personal skills. Most of jobs will be absolutely unrelated to computer science.
  • Do not bother filling out your hobbies and interests, unless you are interested in the type of jobs mentioned above.
  • The site will ask you for a CV, which you can supply. The site will then automatically parse your CV and enter it in their arcane online system for building a CV. 80% will be filled out correct, and 20% will be broken. Do not spend time fixing their broken CV system, because for demonstrating, this online CV system is useless. Demonstrators are allocated by someone in School, not someone within WorkLink.
  • You will get an email from WorkLink saying that you're now registered. This is a lie. You're only pre-registered.
  • You have to go to the WorkLink office to actually register.
Please note: Worklink opening hours for Registrations are Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm in term time and Monday to Friday 12pm – 3pm non term time.
You will have to bring:
  • Passport and Visa (A Driving licence is unacceptable) If a UK student, a full birth certificate (A4size with parents names on) and proof of National insurance, is an accepted alternative to a UK passport.
  • National Insurance Number
  • Student ID Card
  • Bank Details (sort code & account number)
  • You will get an email asking to confirm the work assignment details, as well as to confirm terms and conditions. Check that the pay rate is indeed what you expected. WorkLink sometimes accidentally offer a lower (undergraduate?) pay level.
  • The person you're demonstrating for can now add you to the job in WorkLink.
  • You fill out a time sheet, with the number of hours you've worked in WorkLink.
  • Two Mondays after the first Friday after you filled in your time sheet, you should get the money in the bank.

Probably outdated notes from 2009

I'm not sure if the following notes still apply in any way. Bram Geron 17:23, 18 March 2015 (GMT)

Some brief notes, that is might be worth expanding upon when someone in the know has time:

  • Use the blue forms (marked 'FIN 15') to claim for your demonstrating / small group teaching work. You don't need to fill in the total that you're owed.
  • Remember that each of these (demonstrating and small group teaching) is paid at a different rate, so make sure to mark that on the form!
  • Be very aware of the tax implications of how much you claim and when. If in doubt, it really probably is worth chatting to a research student who's been claiming for a while to understand how to best do this. If you don't, you might suddenly find out that the tax man takes a significant chunk of your pay, and it takes you months to get it back. If you are being paid for the first time (or the first time in the tax year), you need to complete a P46 or hand in a P45. As a foreign student you will also be required to get a National Insurance (NI) number (see Getting a NI number) from the tax office before you can get paid.
  • At the very least, speak to the Payroll department in the Aston Webb building and request to be put onto a "cumulative tax code". This means that you will only be charged tax when you've passed the tax threshold. The alternative to this is that they might well assume that the amount on your blue form is what you will subsequently be earning every week! They'll then calculate your tax based on this ridiculously high level of income. This is likely to be up to 50% tax! You can check which tax code you're on, as it's printed on your payslip. A cumulative tax code has the letter C at the end.
  • Blue claim forms have been relocated to the reception now, rather than outside the finance office.
  • If you discover more of the mystical arts of research student payments, then please add it to this page!
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