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As well as the CS email system, you have two separate central university email addresses, which all becomes very confusing. On registration Support should have issued you with your computer science email and you should receive lots of emails detailing the forwarding which is setup automatically to forward all central university email to you. However you also have a central ADF email address that DOES NOT get forwarded and if you want it to be you must follow instructions detailed below.

Email Access

Providing all your email is forwarded to your computer science address (see Forwarding) you only need to check one account remotely. Details about setting up different email clients are available at supportWeb.


If your emails are not already being forwarded from central then you can check/change your settings at Mailhub Redirect.

In order to ensure all your central emails reach you the third and relatively unknown alias (ADF) must be configured to redirect your email. The ADF alias ( also goes to your central Microsoft Exchange account, and will be used when people address email to you using the Exchange address book. To forward this email you must use a Windows computer and IE6 or above, since the Outlook Web Access page is not very standards compliant.

  • Navigate to OWA and login with your central university username and password.
  • Then select "Options" from the top right and "Rules" from the navigation bar on the left.
  • Create a new rule from the toolbar on the right hand window. This will popup a rule wizard.
  • Select "Forward/Redirect" and then check "Redirect" (make sure you redirect otherwise the from line will be changed).
  • Optionally you can also choose to "Delete" the message so that it will not remain in the central Inbox after redirecting it.
  • Now click on the link next to redirect on the left hand side of the pane, this will open a address choose window. Simply type your address ( into the bottom text box and click "Ok" twice. The window will now close.
  • Click "Save" on the rule window. The window will ask you if you want to apply the rule to all incoming email, just click "Ok".
  • Log out and you should never have to worry about this email account anymore.

Alternative methods

If you really can't be bothered to log on to a Windows computer to set up Exchange redirection, the alternative is to set up a rule elsewhere to collect mail using POP or IMAP. In the past, Exchange only supported a forward option, which did not have the full functionality of a redirect, so these methods were reasonable options.

Pete Lewis and Aaron Sloman have pages describing how to do this.

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