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When you enter your writing-up period, usually at the end of your third year for normal students and the end of your fourth for TAs, you will lose your desk in the main CS building and be transferred to Chemistry West room G5. Chem West is affectionately known as The Dungeon by its inhabitants, although it's actually quite nice in there with more direct light than some Computer Science PhD rooms.


School Handbook on Writing up

General guidance from the School on writing up can be found in the research students handbook [1], under the writing up section [2].

Being asked to Move Desks

When you are asked to move, you may well have some important or close deadline at hand that could be disrupted e.g. submission, viva, corrections. You should email the research students tutor to ask them to temporarily delay the move in this case. This can be done for either moves from the main building to Chemistry West, or from Chemistry West on to bigger and better things. You will normally be allowed to keep your desk whist you are completing corrections.

The School's policy on desk moves can be found in the research students handbook [3] and submitting a thesis pages [4].

You should also be kind and email the Research Students Tutor to let them know if you have vacated any desk, either in Chemistry West or the main building. Otherwise the School will probably ask a student who is currently using a desk to move out.

Writing up and Council Tax

If you are writing up full time you are not normally required to pay council tax. However your council, plebs that they are, will ask you to provide proof of status. The Research Students Tutor can give you a letter certifying your situation, see: [5]. Academic Services in Aston Webb (also contactable via their helpdesk interface) have also been known to send such letters to the council if asked nicely enough.

Building access

Before moving, you should upgrade your key and swipe card.

  • Key. Research students (as far as I know) are all given an "A2-5" key (it's etched on there), which will unlock the door to G5 in Chem West, but not the Autotrain room which is where the tea, coffee and kettle are. For the Autotrain room you need an "A2-4" key, which also unlocks on all the doors that A2-5 works on, so you don't have to carry extra weight around. New keys can be obtained from Justine James (Room 224 in the second floor central section).
  • Swipe card. You need to have Chem West access added to your swipe card and this can be done by seeing Stuart Arkless or Lisa Else in the Haworth building, room 214. You could also call them on the number 0121 414 2828. This is the Chemistry building next to Chem West. Ask for either at the reception; their office is next to it. If you've come in through the large glass doors on the ground floor then the reception can be awkward to locate. It's easier to find if you use the smaller door that opens onto the road leading up to CS. From the ground floor:
  1. Go up the stairs and turn round and go up to the lobby area.
  2. Go to the end of the corridor on the right.
  3. The reception is on the right at the end.
  4. Divide by the number you first thought of.

Note that the building contains undergraduate teaching labs for Chemistry, so the main doors are generally unlocked during term-time (during office hours). This means anyone can walk in, so Chem West denizens have to be a bit more aware security-wise.

Moving your stuff

Normally Bert will move your computer and monitor for you, and you are responsible for moving everything else. However Bert can provide boxes and trolleys to put all your books and papers on.

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