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You can get a pack of business cards from Central Print. This is the only place you can get them from because the university crest has copyrighted. The cards come at a cost, but you can put them through as part of your expenses when claiming travel to a conference. Just make sure that you allow yourself enough budget to do so when applying for the funding.

There is a restriction, however, that cards paid for by the school must be the "PhD rate" cards. That means that you have to have the boring white card , with the logo and your name, referred to as the "Classic" design. The School does not pay for the new style "U B" cards that are available in several colour combinations, as the cost for a minimum order of those is prohibitive.

Once you have your funding accepted, you need to email central print via details on [1]. They will send you a proof through to verify your name etc. on. You can usually pick up your cards the next day. They are located just behind mechanical engineering in the huts (Y4 Terraced Huts).

The job title on the card should be Doctoral Researcher, in line with the central university policy found here: What is a Doctoral Researcher?. Doctoral Researcher sounds better than Research Student.

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