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Our website is at

New wiki is at

This is the home page for the Robot Club (a.k.a. BARC). We make robots move around and (hopefully) not hit stuff.

You can check out the repository from here. If you can't access the repository, shoot Nick an email and he can grant you access.

Most of our time is spent trying to hit linux and ROS with metaphorical crowbars.




  • Greet'n'Guide Bot (B21, Pioneer)
    • welcome people at the entry and guide them to the stand/robot lab
    • use the navigation stack, a pre-acquired map, and navigate from node to node
  • Food Server Robot (B21)
    • roam a pre-defined area in a pre-acquired map with a tray
    • use navigation stack
  • Bumpy Nao (Nao)
    • Nao uses its bumpers to realise when it hit a wall and turn around to continue walking
    • Nao can also react on touch of its head (and say something, or lay down, ...)
  • Nao Receptionist
    • gesturing and pointing directions
    • a bit of talking

future ideas

  • Gesture-Based Controls
  • Asking for Directions
  • Tour robot (giving & receiving)
  • Annoybot (seek & annoy)

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