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In SoCS the default install CAST will only work on a machine running Scientific Linux 6

In a terminal, or in your .cshrc file, you need the following:

setup UMS
setenv CLASSPATH /usr/share/java/log4j.jar:/usr/share/java/Ice.jar
setenv PYTHONPATH /bham/ums/linux/pd/lib/python2.6/site-packages

If you already have CLASSPATH and PYTHONPATH definitions then add the above paths to them instead.

At this point, running cast-server should produce some sensible output

cca-0838:~$ cast-server
Java server pid: 23591 
CPP server pid: 23592
Python server pid: 23593
[cast.server.c++.ComponentServer: CPP server version: "2.1.12 (Don't Haunt This Place)"]
[cast.server.python.ComponentServer: Python server version: "2.1.12 (Don't Haunt This Place)"]
[ Java server: "2.1.12 (Don't Haunt This Place)"]

In a different terminal you should be able to test the server (which should still be running) with the following command:

cca-0838:~$ cast-client /bham/ums/linux/pd/share/cast/config/comedian-architecture.cast 

This should run a system that produces a lot of output in the server terminal. Use CTRL-C to kill both processes.

When building a system using CAST, Cure etc. on a school machine, you need at least the following variables set:

ccmake -DCMAKE_MODULE_PATH=/bham/ums/linux/pd/share/cast/cmake \ 
-DCAST_INSTALL_ROOT=/bham/ums/linux/pd -DCURE_INSTALLROOT=/bham/ums/linux/pd ..
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